What is CoWorking?

CoWorking involves individual people undertaking independent activities whilst sharing a common working environment.
Modern coworking is made possible by the latest technology but it is rooted in the fundamentals of human nature. In the digital age the renaissance of coworking is driven by our innate need to share, help, communicate and socialise with one another.
Coworking provides independent workers a place to get work done without the isolation of a home-based office or the distractions of a café.
Don’t get me wrong, I love cafés and I still enjoy some time away from my desk to grab a nice coffee and maybe check some emails or catch up with a client. But when I need to be productive and I need to focus I need a more professional space to grow and conduct my business.

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Is CoWorking right for you?

CoWorking environments attract independent workers, entrepreneurs, startups, lean operators and anyone wanting to start or grow their business surrounded by like-minded individuals.
CoWorking locations like LogicSpace offer a professional environment for you to focus on your work without needing to worry about expensive office fitouts and long term lease commitments.
LogicSpace provides a premium workplace where you can physically and mentally separate yourself from your non-work life whilst remaining independent and productive.

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So why is CoWorking such a good idea?

Coworking is a great way to establish a physical presence for your business without the risk and burden of expensive office fitouts and the commitment of long term leases.
Small office spaces in premium office locations (like here at La Balasa in Mooloolaba) are rare. In fact they generally don’t exist. I know this because that’s what I needed. I wanted to grow my business from a professional location that I could be proud of.
Even fitting out a small office can be expensive. You could easily expect to outlay $20k to $30k just to setup a small office let alone being locked in to another $30k+ per year (for the next three years) for your rent. Then there are your outgoings and operating costs to consider.
At LogicSpace all this is taken care of for you.
You simply walk in, sit down, logon and start to work; and if your circumstances change and you need to expand or relocate, no problems. There are no strings attached.

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What to expect at LogicSpace

LogicSpace is located in a modern executive standard commercial building surrounded by dozens of other professional businesses. Our individual workspaces are generous in size and simple in design. Beautiful desks with natural light, breakout spaces, a kitchen and a small meeting room. Come and go as you please. Work how and when it suits you.
You can expect some chatter and banter amongst your coworking peers and (if you’re lucky) you may even witness the birth of new idea or business direction. Share ideas, ask advice, communicate.
LogicSpace is casual, but focussed. We’re here to work, grow, build and live.
Check out our Bookings page for details of what we provide at LogicSpace.

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